kaizo trap 01

You’re gonna lose a lot of lives on this one…

Most of us have imagined being characters in our favorite video games. Who wouldn’t want to be a trainer in the Pokémon universe? Or be Link going on adventures in The Legend of Zelda? Or, more recently, be the kid who becomes friends with lots of quirky monsters in Undertale?

But then there’s some games that you would never want to be a part of. And we’re not just talking scary games like Resident Evil or hard games like Dark Souls, we’re talking soul-crushing games that only the most hardcore can even beat level one of.

We’re talking about Kaizo Mario. If you’ve never heard of the game, then check out what some Mario Maker versions of it are like. It’s an incredibly difficult version of Mario, so much so that only a handful of players have ever managed to survive for a few minutes, much less the entire game.

So what would it be like if you were suddenly sucked into a Kaizo game? You can see for yourself with this video below from the Australian YouTube channel Guy Collins Animation, or scroll down for some highlights. (Spoilers: it’s not easy.)

▼ Oh, this looks so nice! What a wonderful present.

kaizo trap 01

▼ I’ll go ahead and plug it in so we can play some games. Thanks, honey!

kaizo trap 02

▼ And then… disaster strikes.

kaizo trap 03

▼ The woman returns to the room to see the man missing
and then gets sucked into the game.

kaizo trap 04

▼ W-where am I…?

kaizo trap 05

▼ Oh… my…. god….

kaizo trap 06

▼ Well, when life gives you lemons…

kaizo trap 07

▼ …you die. Not such a great saying I guess, but pretty applicable here.

kaizo trap 08

▼ This isn’t some easy Mario game, this is kaizo world.

kaizo trap 09

▼ You die again…

kaizo trap 10

▼ And again…

kaizo trap 11

▼ And again… yet somehow summon the courage to continue every time.

kaizo trap 12

We’re not going to spoil the ending here, but rest assured, it is epic. It’s impossible to convey just how fluid and beautiful the animation here is through pictures, so if you haven’t watched the video yet, we highly recommend doing so.

Be sure to check out the other videos on the Guy Collins Animation channel, and let this serve as a reminder that the next time you’re thinking about buying your significant other an NES, please make sure it’s not possessed first.

Source/screenshots: YouTube/Guy Collins Animation