Strange things are happening around Japan, and no one seems to know who’s responsible!

Are you living in Japan? Have you recently gotten a slab of meat in your mail box? A cucumber in your wallet? Well, someone is out there doing random, inexplicable things like this, so if you notice anything odd in your area, keep an eye out for potential offenders!

Thanks to Twitter-user @EGOIZM, we have a collection of evidence from the crime scenes where the perpetrator has attacked so far. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to any of these acts, and they may not be connected at all, leading us to believe that there may be any number of people behind these strange attacks.

▼ “I decided to make a collection of ‘Who’s the guy who did this?’ photos.”

▼ “No idea what’s going on this morning. Who’s the guy who put a sirloin steak in my mail slot?”


▼ “Who did it? Who’s the guy that made my bike gold overnight?”


▼ “Who ordered me a traffic cone from Amazon for my birthday? I won’t get mad just tell me who you are.”


▼ “Someone set a Kaizo trap in the toilet.”


And here’s another incident that’s happened since @EGOIZM made their post:

▼ “Who put a cucumber in my wallet?”

Be careful out there readers. The criminals are still out there without any leads — you may be the next victim of this “who dunnit” randomness!

Source and images via Twitter/@EGOIZM
Top image edited by RocketNews24