Top 10 series with the most epic fights in Shonen Jump history, as voted by Japanese readers

Manga that make you sweat every time you read it.

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Dazzling animation “Kaizo Trap” shows what being sucked into an expert game would look like【Video】

You’re gonna lose a lot of lives on this one…

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Check out the ninja-like table wiping skills on this Japanese waiter!

You’ve never seen table wiping like this before.

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We have a winner! Bicycle-riding snow cat gets full marks for awesomeness

After bringing you photos of stunning sculptures at this year’s Sapporo Snow Festival, awesome amateur creations spotted in Tokyo, and possibly this winter’s most grotesque snow monster, we thought we’d seen more than enough of the white stuff for one year and were happy to see it melt away and Tokyo get back to normal. But then this epic creation appeared online and we just had to share it with you. Say hello to the bicycle-stealing badass that is the snownyan!

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Crazy Ninja Skills: Japan’s Schoolgirls Are Too Epic For Words 【Photos】

It’s all too easy to sneer whenever someone in the media brings up “the youth of today” and how they’re always wasting time with their gadgets, music and wallpaper paste or whatever it is they do instead of studying to become the people who will one day run the country and help us on and off the toilet.

But when we stumble upon photos of such epic proportions as these, we can’t help but forgive Japan’s youth for tooling around every now and then, and find ourselves smiling as we look on and think: man, that’s cool.

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