Illustration features decades of Western animation icons drawn in Japanese style.

Not so long ago, loving Disney or anime was sort of an either/or option in many people’s minds. As both anime and Disney have broadened their appeal, though, there are more passionate enthusiasts who love both of the animation icons, including Pakistani artist Mari Maryam.

Recently, Maryam has been earning the admiration of fans around the world with a series of gorgeous illustrations of Disney’s famous princesses done in an unabashedly anime/manga style.

Maryam is as thorough as she is talented, with her portraits stretching all the way back to Disney’s very first leading lady, Snow White.

Another classic star, Alice, made the transition to the Japanese-influenced art style so easily she looks like she’d fit right in with the anime idols of Love Live! should she ever get bored of life in Wonderland.

Likewise, the oft-forgotten Kidagakash/Kida looks completely natural after her makeover, which isn’t too shocking considering that the visuals of Atlantis: The Lost Empire had more anime influences than just about any other Disney film.

While the princesses’ larger, more vividly colored eyes are their most immediately noticeable anime touch, Maryam has also given many of them the slender, swan-like neck of a shojo manga heroine.

It’s also interesting to see a double-remix of the CG Tangled’s Rapunzel in both hand-drawn and anime style.

And finally, as the first Pixar character to have official Disney Princess status conveyed upon her, Brave’s Merida has also served as one of Maryam’s muses.

Maryam doesn’t limit herself to just single-character illustrations, though, or only animated subjects. She’s also done a piece of heart-warming fan art of Malificent and little Aurora, with the former obviously modeled after Angelina Jolie, who played the title character in the 2014 live-action film.

You can keep up with Maryam’s newest creations, including purely anime-inspired fan art, through her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Source: Grape