Bow down to your new furry sensei.

Whether they’re desperately trying to squish themselves into tiny boxes or showing off their skills at playing the games of humans, we can’t tear our eyes away from the antics of Japan’s cute cat population.

Now there’s another furry feline on the scene that’s got us all sitting up and paying attention, and this cat isn’t just adorable, he’s also teaching us about the culture of his birth country too.

The three-and-a-half year-old cat is a male tabby named Maro, and he’s been cosplaying on Instagram for almost two years.

▼ Maro first made his debut on social media dressed in a traditional Japanese festival outfit.

Since then, he’s been photographed in a number of outfits and scenarios, celebrating traditional events and special days on the Japanese calendar with an informative blurb to explain what he’s doing.

▼ Here the cat celebrates the important annual holiday of obon while dressed as a Buddhist monk.

And here he appears as a “Manekineko” ornamental beckoning cat.

Some of Maro’s most popular photos involve festive food, like this one, which explains the importance of “Kagami Biraki or “Breaking of the Mochi” as part of the New Year’s celebrations.

Here Maro is pictured with a bounty of New Year’s osechi dishes.

Setsubun calls for a box of roasted soybeans and a couple of extra-long sushi rolls.

Japan also has a number of special days on the calendar which help to bring attention to different topics, items and foods, due to the connection that can be made between them and the way that certain dates can be read or written.

Here, Maro celebrates “Matcha Day” on 6 February…

“Jelly Day” on 14 July…

“Kakigori Day” or “Shaved Ice Day” on 25 July…

And “Yakitori Day” on 10 August.

The cute kitty also likes to introduce us to some of his favourite dishes, which means he’s often pictured with beautiful examples of prime raw fish!

At the end of the day, though, Maro just likes to chill out and have fun.

To find out more about Maro, and Japanese culture, be sure to check out his account on Instagram. It’s the cutest way to learn about Japan!

Source: Instagram/rinne172
Featured image: Instagram/rinne172