Japanese vending machines always get lavished with attention but now it’s time for their trash cans to step into the spotlight.

We’ve all heard about Japan’s abundance of unique vending machines, providing everything from hot soup to umbrellas every hour of the day and in all types of weather. Standing in their shadow, however, is an oft-neglected yet equally important convenience: the humble trash can. Appearing in different colours, sizes and types, these recycling receptacles are finally getting some attention in a cute photo collection by Tokyo Watchers, which brings them to life with a variety of amusing characters.

▼ There are happy trash cans…

▼ …angry trash cans…

▼ …polite ones…

▼ …sad ones…

▼ …dancers…


▼ …and even some one-eyed characters too.

They’re not always alone, either. When there’s two or more of them, things can become even more animated.

▼ These two are so in love they can’t stop grinning.

▼ This one looks like a frazzled parent, trying to cope with two children.


▼ This is what happens when trash cans choose thug life.


▼ And this is how they look when they’ve overdone it on the drink.


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Source and Images: Instagram/Tokyo Watchers