We know there’s a reason we love tiny food, but we just can’t put our finger on it.

There’s just something about miniature models – models of miniature food in particular – that makes them so fascinating to look at. Perhaps it’s because they tend to be just so mind-blowingly lifelike it’s hard to imagine they aren’t the real life-sized deal. Or maybe it’s from trying to imagine the painstaking work that goes into making something that’s small enough to fit on the face of a coin. Whatever it is, and whatever started this miniatures boom, we hope it won’t stop!

One Japanese Instagramer, @kasuga_maru, is delighting their followers with tiny models of food that are so realistic it’s hard not to feel hungry after looking at them. Japanese food and sweets seems to be one of @kasuga_maru’s specialties.

Craving sushi? Here’s a plate of some fresh-looking sashimi.

Or maybe a sashimi bowl is more your taste.

Ah heck, just order all of the sushi!

A hot bowl of miso soup alongside it is the perfect compliment to the meal.

You’re not so much a fan of the raw fish, you say? How about a beef-tongue lunch set then!

Or maybe you need some variety…

This mini ramen looks like the perfect thing to warm your belly on a cold day. And those chopsticks!

This ginger-pork meal, complete with rice, miso soup, boiled pumpkin, and pickles, is what’s for lunch today!

What’s for dessert? Maybe some taiyaki…

…slices of seasonal fruit…

…or some traditional Japanese wagashi sweets with green tea!

Hungry for more? Be sure to follow @kasuga_maru on Instagram for plenty more where that came from. You can also watch mini-sushi being made from start to finish, and other tiny treats made from real food!

Source: Instagram/@kasuga_maru via CuRAZY 
Featured image: Instagram/@kasuga_maru