Bread 2

The illustrated breads even include images that change colours halfway through the loaf.

We’ve been amazed by some of the stunning kyara-ben character bento lunchbox creations we’ve seen over the years, but if you prefer sandwiches for lunch, there’s little chance of encountering a cute edible anime face during your meal. That is, until now, thanks to a creative Tokyo baker who makes amazing loaves of bread filled with beautiful patterns and character designs. With dozens of creations in her reportoire, konel_bread’s creations are tantalising delights!

We’ll start off with some beautiful fruit loaves like this watermelon piece, which actually gets its colours from beetroot, spinach and dark chocolate.

There’s more fruit available, with a creative take on bright lemons and kiwi fruit.

Interesting patterns like camouflage, zebra stripes and leopard print also appear.

While the designs are incredibly cute on their own, they really stand out when they’re served up with otherwise ordinary-looking meals.

For the holidays, there’s Santa Claus bread.

And the 2016 Year of the Monkey was celebrated with some cute monkey bread.

Foreign animated greats also make an appearance, with Shaun the Sheep showing up.

There’s also Charlie Brown, along with Woodstock and Snoopy.

Snoopy looks cute and crunchy once toasted!

This short video shows us a worried-looking Pooh bear getting sliced up. Hopefully he gets slathered in a sticky honey sandwich!

When it comes to Japanese characters, there’s a huge variety on display, including favourites like Anpanman and Rilakkuma.

The slinky, lazy shape of Gudetama is looks extra delicious in these cute slices.

And Totoro is the star of a loaf too.

Lately, the baker has been getting even more creative, with a loaf of bread featuring a flower that changes colour halfway through.

While there’s a lot of joy in making the designs, it’s the baker’s son that inspires many of the creations. Once he drew a picture of happy black-and-yellow bees, it wasn’t long before they appeared inside a loaf. What a great gift to share with the family!

All the breads are made using natural colours, mostly from cocoa and a variety of vegetables. As to how the loaves are actually put together, they’re created in a similar way to deco-sushi, which uses long, round pieces of nori-wrapped rice to create images before being rolled into a large sushi. Likewise, the patterns in these breads are made with carefully positioned pieces of long dough which are then rolled into a round loaf.

As the talented baker continues to perfect the craft, we’re looking forward to seeing more of her unique designs in the future. To check out all of the characters, patterns and designs in her collection, be sure to stop by her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Source: Iroiro
Top Image: Instagram/konel_bread (edited by RocketNews24)