Amid tension between countries in East Asia, techno dance group World Order travels to China to promote their message of peace in their latest music video.

After announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts and kickboxing in 2006, Genki Sudo left the sports world for the musical one. He then founded techno and robotic dance group World Order in 2009, where he also served as vocalist and leader until 2015.

Some may remember their song “Machine Civilization”, which gained notoriety after the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred in 2011, their lyrics a stark contrast to much of the sugary-sweet imagery J-pop usually conjures up.

Now, almost five years later, the group has successfully taken their dancing and message and all over the world, landing in China for their latest music video, “QUIET HAPPINESS”.


World Order’s movements appear strangely peaceful against the backdrop of busy Shanghai, and the video was likely shot during a visit to the city to perform in the 2016 SMG Spring Festival Gala.

While many were disappointed to see Genki Sudo announce his final performance with the World Order last year, with this new official release everyone can rest assured he’s still the producer and the main man responsible for the group’s music, only now you can find him behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Source: YouTube/WORLD ORDER
Feature/insert images: YouTube/WORLD ORDER