Real escape games involve getting out of a certain place within a tight time limit, so it’s no surprise that the latest franchise to get the real escape treatment is I am a Hero, a zombie horror manga.

For added realism, the game will take place in a former hospital.


“Escape from a Certain Hospital” casts you as a hospital intern. While you’re focused on work one day, everyone around you suffers multiple organ failures and anti-social personality disorder. They turn into monstrous “ZQNs” and attack you! You and the other survivors have got to get out of the hospital before you all turn into ZQNs too. But to do that, of course, you have to solve a series of obscure puzzles. But hurry! The monsters can’t be held at bay for long!

The hospital is located at the fifth floor of the Sasaki Building in Kōrakuen, Tokyo. The game will be held from March 11 to August 28 (except Mondays and Tuesdays) from 11 to 9 on weekends and 4 to 9 on weekdays; each one lasts for a mere 45 minutes.

I am a Hero will also be adapted into a live-action film, which premieres on April 23. Close readers of the February 29 issue of Big Comic Spirits may notice puzzles hidden throughout the issue. If they solve these puzzles, they can enter a raffle to win a free ticket to see the movie.

Other franchises that have been converted into real escape games include Case ClosedAttack on Titan and Zero Escape.

[Via Yomiuri Online and Aru Byōin Kara no Dasshutsu official site]

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