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Experience the real terror of a giant monster attack with the upcoming Escape From Godzilla Game!

If watching the old movies is not thrilling enough for you, maybe taking him down yourself will give you the rush you’re looking for.

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Upcoming escape game in Osaka pits players against Whity with only a 1% chance of success

Whity wants you dead and you must escape Osaka’s most complex shopping area after-hours to survive.

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“Escape from the Abandoned Blood Lab II” event to be held in Osaka

No money is needed to take part in this survival game — all the organizers want is that precious blood of yours.

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Flee from a zombie-infested hospital in I Am a Hero real escape game

Real escape games involve getting out of a certain place within a tight time limit, so it’s no surprise that the latest franchise to get the real escape treatment is I am a Hero, a zombie horror manga.

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New Attack on Titan Real Escape Game coming to Tokyo and Osaka this summer

Escape games, where people work in teams to solve puzzles to free themselves from confined spaces, have become hugely popular in Japan and around the world. When combined with a role-play theme, these events become even more exciting, as participants get to dress up and live out their fantasies in cleverly constructed worlds filled with props, sound and oodles of atmosphere.

As luck would have it, the escape concept is an idea that fits in perfectly with the narrative of the hugely popular Attack on Titan franchise, where members of the human race live in the confines of a walled city and spend a large chunk of time running away from flesh-eating giants. If you ever wanted to experience the thrill of being chased by a hungry Titan while also dealing with the stress of solving a puzzle within a time limit to save your life, it’s time to dress like a member of the Survey Corps and head out to Tokyo or Osaka this summer.

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Attack on Titan Real Escape Game slated for NYC’s Richmond County Bank Ballpark

The March issue of Kodansha‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine is announcing on Monday that SCRAP will hold the upcoming New York version of the Escape from the Walled City: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) x Real Escape Game in the Richmond County Bank Ballpark on April 11.

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A few months ago, we heard about a terrifying haunted house in Honancho, a neighborhood in western Tokyo. Unfortunately, our backlog of terror entertainment was a little jammed up, and we weren’t able to get to it right away, but this week we finally went to check out Obaken.

In addition to the horror movie-inspired creepy sights and sounds you’d expect from any decent haunted house, Obaken also takes a page from video games, with multiple levels, customizable settings, and even a continue system.

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Attack on Titan real escape game heads to Saitama

The Attack on Titan real escape game series, “Escape from a Certain Fortress Town,” has proven very popular — no surprise given the popularity of both its tie-in manga and the real escape game series in general. The games scheduled for Tokyo in August have already sold out. To meet this demand, SCRAP (the games’ organizer) will hold two more Attack on Titan real escape games in Seibu Dome in the Tokyo suburb of Saitama on July 5 and 6.

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Late-night adult escape game “Escape from Virginity” may lead to confusion

The popularity of “escape games” has been growing recently in Asian countries and Japan is no exception. Our own Mr. Sato took part in one not too long ago where he had to solve a series of puzzles to progress through levels and reach the end. In his case, the end consisted of a train car stocked with alcopops.

This time a unique escape game event is scheduled for after midnight on 17 November at the Asagaya Loft in Tokyo titled “R18 Real Escape Game: Escape from Virginity.” Some readers may find this name shocking at first, but after learning what really goes on at this event we can see it’s not exactly as the name suggests.

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