The Attack on Titan real escape game series, “Escape from a Certain Fortress Town,” has proven very popular — no surprise given the popularity of both its tie-in manga and the real escape game series in general. The games scheduled for Tokyo in August have already sold out. To meet this demand, SCRAP (the games’ organizer) will hold two more Attack on Titan real escape games in Seibu Dome in the Tokyo suburb of Saitama on July 5 and 6.


Real escape games are real-life versions of popular free online “escape games” in which the objective is to escape from a prison, dungeon, hospital ward, or other confined space. In this case, players take on the role of a trainee for the Survey Corps and strive to escape a fortress town. Players must use clues and solve puzzles to decipher their escape strategy; the games therefore put more emphasis on players’ wits and intelligence than on strength. They are notoriously difficult, and the first Attack on Titan real escape game had a mere 7.5% escape rate within the one-hour time limit.

The immediately upcoming “Escape from a Certain Fortress Town” games will be in Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi, Sendai on June 22 and Fukuoka’s Yahoo Auctions! Dome on June 27-29. Tickets cost ¥3,000 ($29) if bought in advance and ¥3,500 ($34) if bought on-site.

[Via Anime! Anime! and Real Dasshutsu Games]

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