If China ever goes to war with a species made predominantly out of building materials, it’ll definitely win.

A video shared by YouTube channel Weibo Official has been catching the eyes of net users all over Japan this week, no doubt making them thankful that their country and China are no longer quite as at each other’s throats as they once were.

The video shows a group of young soldiers in China taking—and giving—a beating with everything from concrete blocks to strips of metal in a display of their physical toughness and mental fortitude, seemingly for the benefit of a crowd of spectators.

Sure, it may all seem rather pointless when one considers that modern warfare is a predominantly long-range affair and that it’s money and resources, rather than the robustness of a soldier’s noggin, that wins wars today, but it’s still very impressive—if slightly disturbing—viewing nevertheless.

Chinese soldiers: officially really, really hard.

Source/images: YouTube/Weibo Official Channel h/t Toychan.net

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