Ukrainian sumo wrestlers take refuge in Japan to train for upcoming tournaments

What better place for them to train than the birthplace of sumo?

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Okayama police academy instructor stabs recruit in chest during training

Instructor wanted to add realism to his training, but things got too real.

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Costume-less Chinese lion dance videos show real humans, real behind-the-scenes magic【Video】

Effortlessly twirling and leaping, these acrobats are amazing… even outside of their costumes!

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Naked man arrested for public nudity denies charges: “I was training.”

Is he a drunken master or just drunk again?

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Shinkansen safety staff made to sit right next to bullet trains running at 300km/h

Is fear the best teacher?

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Effect of Dragon Ball-style Gravity Chamber on training studied at Chubu University

An answer to the age-old question: “Would training in a Gravity Chamber really work?”

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Tokyo Sushi Academy offers lessons with all-you-can eat sushi, naturally we attend

The beloved Japanese food sushi is often thought to be dauntingly difficult to make, so can one of our reporters figure it out with a little help from the pros?

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Dragon Ball Super Training Challenge! is ready to whip future defenders of the Earth into shape

Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi Prefecture is home to a special experience-type attraction where you can undergo the same training regimens as Goku.

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If China ever goes to war with a species made predominantly out of building materials, it’ll definitely win.

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Think you can match the training regimen of a champion sumo wrestler? 【Video】

Eating a ginormous lunch and taking afternoon naps? Pff, no sweat! Doing 100 reps of a brutal weight training regimen? No thanks…

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“Iron Women”: Airline safety officers in training endure rigorous drills for their future careers

At a vocational school in Chengdu (the provincial capital of southwestern Sichuan Province), China, potential candidates must undergo a rigorous training period in order to pass the test required to be a flight safety officer.

For those of you reading this from the comfort of home, sit back and be thankful that you’re not among these recruits, for whom daily training involves large quantities of mud and broken dishware!

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Jumping through a ring of fire. Breaking bricks with your head. Drinking cobra blood.

Those are some examples of what troops from around the world go through as part of military training.

Check out more intense exercises in the following gallery.

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Intense photos of South Korean Special Forces training in the snow

About 200 South Korean Special Forces are taking part in ten days of grueling winter weather combat training.

With a constant threat from North Korea, South Korea’s Army Special Warfare Command (SWC) is responsible for special operations in the country. SWC soldiers frequently work closely with US Green Berets and their modus operandi include guerrilla warfare, assassinations, and counter-terrorism.

Every year, members of the SWC must participate in winter warfare training in the mountains of Pyeongchang, east of Seoul. Conditions in Pyeongchang generally include temperatures as low as negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit and deep snow.

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China’s Special Forces in Hong Kong go through a ridiculous training regimen

China’s Special Forces go through intense training to ensure that the top soldiers of a country that views itself as the world’s rising superpower can be as versitile as possible.

China’s People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Force is responsible for commando and counter-terrorism operations, and specializes in rapid-reaction combat. For the past two years, Chinese special forces units have taken first place at the annual Warrior Competition in Jordan against 18 countries, including the US and Russia.

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Boot camps and desertion in the mountains among the ways Japanese companies train new recruits

There appears to be a generational shift in the workforce of Japan recently. New additions to companies labelled as “monster recruits” in the media, along with a reported 30% of new employees quitting in three years, are leading organizations to look into new ways to protect their human resource investments. Many of the following training methods have been carried out for decades but have been steadily growing in popularity among Japanese companies.

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The craziest small arms maneuvers by South Korean SWAT, in 9 GIFs

A recent video from LiveLeak shows the incredible training in small arms maneuvers that members of the South Korean National Police (KNP) SWAT go through.

The KNP is responsible for most security operations within the country, including counter-terrorism measures, riot control, and hostage negotiations. The KNP also, on occasion, carries out join exercises with the Korean Coast Guard and Army.

The video of the KNP training is 15 minutes long, so we’ve summarized the highlights through a series of GIFs below.

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