Paper artist recreates airplanes to-scale in painstaking, minute detail.

When you hear the words “paper airplane”, this is probably what you think of:


But apparently some people think bigger — much bigger. Artist Luca Iaconi-Stewart found fame after he created a 1/60th scale model of an Air India Boeing 777 plane made entirely from manila envelopes, and showcased his progress in videos, like the one below, on his YouTube channel.



After seeing his incredible work, Singapore Airlines commissioned Luca to work recreate a number of their airliners’ seats from different classes for a special commercial. The tagline is “no detail too small”, and, while in this case it’s referring to Singapore Airlines’ attention to detail, nothing could be more apt for Luca’s work. Watch in awe as he carefully cuts out each tiny part, then folds and glues them together to create miniature, movable versions of the chairs and compartments found in the plane’s economy, premium economy, business, first class, and suite sections.

▼ He starts by carefully cutting out each piece with a craft knife. Steady hands are a must!


▼ Next any pieces that need folding or bending are done, and assembly begins.


▼ Everything “works”; tables fold up and the chairs recline, just like on a real plane.


▼ The pieces and the way they all fit together have to be absolutely precise.


▼ The patience it must take to put together something with this level of detail is astounding.


Adverts aren’t usually anyone’s favorite part of TV or online video viewing, but this one was actually a joy to watch. I’d be down with seeing a whole series of them!

Source: YouTube h/t Yettio

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