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Why waste time chewing when you can simply guzzle your potato chips from a bottle?

Chips and soda may not be especially good for us, but it’s not often that you’ll meet someone who claims not to like either. When you’re hanging out with friends, there’s nothing more satisfying than eating a handful of salty chips and then washing them down with some sweet soda pop.

We’re guessing that was the logic behind the cola-flavored chips that were spotted in the wild for a brief period last year. Developed for limited release by Namco game centers, these peculiarly flavored chips were the coveted prize of many crane games. Following on from that success, Namco is ready to release another snack shocker on the world: potato chip-flavored cola.

chips cola 1

The idea behind this drink is to recreate the taste you get when you munch on some chips and then take a gulp of cola. It might sound ridiculous, but people have been doing this on their own for years, so why not combine the two steps in one bottle?

We’ve definitely been subjected to some pretty odd varieties of cola in the past, but Pepsi’s sakura soda was a pretty big hit in our office, so we’d be willing to give this one a shot. The only problem is, the drink will be available only as a prize at Namco game centers around Japan starting on March 18, so it’s going to take a lot of gaming skills in order to get a bottle of this stuff. Or perhaps more realistically, just a ton of money…

Source & Images: Namco