paper craft

How origami changed the life of a Japanese woman in the U.S.

A lesson in how to overcome your fears and change your destiny.

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Japanese artist shows off her amazingly detailed and complex handmade paper cuttings

These delicate and intricate works of paper art are truly the next level of origami.

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Laser-cut paper combines kirigami and origami art forms into one beautiful creation

Up your origami game with these intricate cut paper designs.

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Jaw-dropping anime-style paper craft fan art is the ultimate otaku origami【Photos】

Best of all, you can fold your own for just a couple of bucks.

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Japanese bonsai trees made from paper stay beautiful without water or pruning

If you have trouble keeping plants alive, these are the bonsai for you.

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Artist takes paper planes to the next level, builds tiny seats complete with tray tables【Video】

Paper artist recreates airplanes to-scale in painstaking, minute detail.

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Why just climb Mt. Fuji when you can build it with this awesome paper-stacking kit?

There’s an undeniable sense of accomplishment you get from making it to the top of a mountain. Maybe it comes from putting such a long series of steps, each insignificant on its own, to rise to a height where the whole world appears differently.

But perhaps a hike doesn’t figure into your plans for the near future due to your busy schedule, flat-as-a-pancake local geography, or crippling fear of grizzly bears. If you can’t climb a mountain, though, the next best thing is to build one, also one step at a time, with this awesome series of paper craft models of Japanese mountains.

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Can you figure it out? Japanese man creates puzzling perpetual motion machine from paper【Video】

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, “I’m going to achieve the impossible today and build a perpetual motion machine!”? Well, Niconico user LupinIII didn’t exactly think that, but earlier this month he uploaded a video of what seems to be an impossible object on a Japanese video-sharing site: a deceivingly simple, Escher-esque structure with four slopes, upon which a marble continuously rolls. The video quickly garnered over 250,000 views, reaching number one in the science and technology category.

Read on to watch the mystifying video at the end of the article and learn a bit more about how the crafty paper structure was designed and built!

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Cool and fun paper craft from the makers of Akafuku — one of Japan’s favorite sweets!

If you’ve lived in Japan for some time, you may have heard of the popular traditional sweet called Akafuku. It’s basically mochi rice cake topped with a rich and incredibly smooth sweet red bean paste. Well, it’s come to our attention that the makers of this long-selling confection are also offering on their website something you may not expect from a sweets manufacturer — awesome paper craft templates, and all free too! So, are you ready for some serious cutting and pasting?

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