If you were someone who could never decide between music or sports in school, this crazy oncerto might be right up your alley.

Andy Akiho is a U.S. composer and musician revered for his modern and often eclectic take on classical music. Commissioned to write a piece by the 2015 Beijing Music Festival and 2015 MISA Festival, he came up with “Ricochet”, a concerto that combines playing ping-pong with violins and percussion, including untraditional instruments like glass bottles and pipes.

Though the description above might lead you to believe the composition would sound like a cacophony of unrelated musical elements, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra & China Philharmonic Orchestra’s incredible performance of it just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover, or, in this case, a concerto by its amount of table tennis .

The whole performance is really worth watching, but this clip below might just be the best highlight:

Luckily for those looking to re-create this entertaining masterpiece, the sheet music can be purchased online here, although it’ll cost you a hefty sum at US$75-$575 depending on how big your ensemble is.

Could this be the music genre to finally unite jocks and band geeks? Who knows, but we hope there will eventually be a sequel or two featuring other sports.

Source: YouTube/Andy Akiho, Twitter via Kinisoku
Top image: YouTube/Andy Akiho