When Final Fantasy VII was first released in 1997, gamers around the world emotionally connected with it in a way that had never been seen before. Years later, the game still occupies a special place in many people’s hearts, with many clamoring for developer Square Enix to release a version with graphics updated to today’s standards.

But even as so may ask for a new edition of the game that looks better, you won’t find anyone asking for one that sounds better, as the role-playing classic’s soundtrack is one of the most universally-loved musical collections to ever come out of the medium. As testament to its lasting appeal, a Final Fantasy VII symphony concert will be held in Tokyo this summer.

The performance, taking place on June 21, will be the first of the Game Symphony Japan concert series. While the tour’s subsequent dates and music selections have yet to be announced, the first features pieces by Nobuo Uematsu, the legendary video game composer behind almost the entire soundtrack for the Final Fantasy franchise.

Uematsu, who serves as executive music advisor for Game Symphony Japan, will make an appearance at the performance, which will be conducted by Kenichi Shimura. The performance will take place at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo’s Akasaka neighborhood, which boasts some of the highest-quality acoustics in Japan. This isn’t the first time for the venue to host a game music performance, as one was previously held for Final Fantasy’s long-time rival Dragon Quest, but it will be the first Final Fantasy concert held at the concert hall.

Rather than simply cherry-pick their favorite pieces from the soundtrack, the organizers have set out to recreate the Final Fantasy VII narrative through the musical selection, going through the beginning, middle, and end of the game’s story in an attempt to recreate the sensation of playing through the game in its entirety. So while you’ll hear stand-outs such as the Final Fantasy VII main theme and arch-villain Sephiroth’s leitmotif “One-Winged Angel,” the orchestra will also play music used for the game’s overworld, fight scenes, and ending credits, as well.

Ticket prices range from 6,500 to 10,000 yen (US$64-$98), depending on seat location. The doors open at 1 p.m., and the concert is scheduled to wrap up roughly two and a half hours later, giving you plenty of time to scoot on over to the Final Fantasy café and grab a Buster Sword Parfait before it closes.

Venue information
Suntory Hall / サントリホール
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka 1-13-1
107-0052 東京都港区赤坂1−13−1

Source: 4 Gamer.net