Now, if only there were a 20-sided version, all our characters would be level 60!

If you ever plan on gambling with Twitter user @kirin_nico, you’ll want to make sure you bring your own dice! The programmer and inventor has been active online for quite some time, but first made a name for himself with a video of a die that would always show a six on top thanks to LED lights that shone through the the translucent cover and changed depending on how it landed.

This time, though, @kirin_nico isn’t using fancy LED tricks!

▼ He is racking up the retweets with this video though…

As you can see, the die apparently senses where it’s landed and then unfolds itself, using its weight to land in the correct position and then refolding itself. It’s a slow process, obviously, and not really very subtle, but we’d certainly let @kirin_nico win the first game. And then we’d never play with him again!

▼ In case you’re wondering, it works if you land on 1 as well.

For anyone who’d like to see this die in action in person, you’ll have your chance this Sunday! It will be on display at NT (Nico Tech) Kyoto 2016 in Kyoto.

For more bizarre, potentially pointless technology, be sure to check out this Hello Kitty-branded instant camera. It probably won’t let you win any gambling games, but we bet it’ll help you make new friends! And that’s almost better than taking people’s money.

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Featured image: Twitter/@kirin_nico