The Sanrio character is the latest star of Cross Shinjuku Vision!

Shinjuku’s got a new famous landmark, and that’s Cross Shinjuku Vision, a digital, 3-D billboard right outside of Shinjuku Station. The ad space, which spans three stories of the Cross Shinjuku building outside the East Exit, has recently received international attention for the amazing Nike Air Max Sneakers ad that it ran last Saturday, but the billboard has been around for a while now and has advertised all kinds of things. Naturally, it even has a mascot: a giant 3-D cat!

But the latest talk of the town is not the Cross Shinjuku Cat but a different animal altogether…Sanrio’s cute little yellow dog, Pompompurin!

The golden retriever with his trademark beret and round butt is here to make your visit to Shinjuku a little cuter. His new 3-D video is currently playing on the Cross Shinjuku Vision billboard now until April 10, though it first appeared on Pompompurin’s offical Twitter (@purin_sanrio) on March 27.

In it, Pompompurin’s fat little butt appears through a hole in the ceiling of a yellow room.

Getting through the hole is a bit of a struggle, but he makes it out along with a few little bubbles that have characters on them that spell “Pompompurin”, though his efforts almost cause him to fall off the edge, butt-first. As he collects himself, he says, “I’m a dog, but I’m here!” (the trademark hashtag of the video). He then bows in greeting as he says, “I’m Purin. Nice to meet you!”–nearly losing his beret in the process–and gives the viewer a little wink. “Everyone, smile! Hehe.”

The end is the best part. Pompompurin turns around, says, “Look! Look!”, and does a backflip where he lands on his belly, and we’re left with a glorious 3-D view of his adorably round butt and his trademark asterisk-shaped…you know.

The video proved highly popular among Japanese netizens, who have liked and retweeted the video nearly 200,000 times with comments such as:

“Purin, why are you so cute?!”
“Wow, the most cutting-edge Pom! So cute! Fantastic!”
“What what what….too cute!!”
“Thanks for showing us your butt so many times! So cute!”
“This is definitely entirely too cute.”

The ad is partially in celebration of Pompompurin’s birthday on April 16, and partially in support of Pompompurin’s bid in Sanrio’s annual character popularity poll, which opens for voting on April 8. The video is too adorable not to stop and watch, so if you find yourself on the east side of Shinjuku Station, you’ll definitely want to check it out!

Source: Twitter/@purin_sanrio, Press Release
Images: Twitter/@purin_sanrio, ©’22 SANRIO 著作(株)サンリオ
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