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Why have chocolate eggs this year when you can have adorable Easter doughnuts instead?

In Japan, the Easter holiday is an opportunity for makers of sweets around the country to showcase their skills in the cute edibles department, with the theme being rabbits, chicks, and all things oval and egg-shaped. Krispy Kreme Japan is one of our favourite places to visit for such seasonal delights, and this year they’re adding to their chick and Easter egg designs with an adorable biscuit-eared bunny doughnut.

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With the Easter range due to hit stores from 23 March, we were lucky enough to receive a pre-taste sample of what’s going to be on offer this year. And we’re happy to report that these little beauties taste just as good as they look!

▼ The Easter Doughnuts can be purchased separately, as part of a 12-pack mixed assortment, or in snug packs of three.

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▼ Each of the three designs comes filled with different flavours and adorable details.

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▼ The Strawberry Cheese Egg (230 yen/US$2.07) features a beautiful colour palette of pastel pink, yellow and green.

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▼ The bright yellow chick, called the Caramel Easter (250 yen), looks absolutely adorable as it “hatches” out of an almond flake shell.

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▼ This year, the hatching chick is joined by another Easter animal: a biscuit-eared bunny poking out from a green doughnut rabbit hole.

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▼ Called the Milky Easter Bunny (250 yen), we think this is the cutest of the bunch!

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▼ Of course, the only problem with doughnuts this adorable is bringing ourselves to eat them!

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▼ Farewell, cute friends!

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▼ The Strawberry Cheese Egg opens up to reveal a beautiful, gooey pink centre.

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The filling is packed with the candy-like flavour of strawberry chocolate cream, which has been blended with cream cheese. It’s sweet and creamy, and makes for a delicious mouthful when combined with the milder strawberry icing.

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▼ The Caramel Easter gets its name from the big dollop of caramel flavour packed inside its centre.

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The cute chocolate eyes and mango-flavoured beak are sweet on their own, but those delicate flavour details get washed out by the prominent taste of caramel in each mouthful.

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The sweet and fragrant flavour of the caramel cream is absolutely delicious, and works well with the chewy texture of the doughnut.

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▼ While the flaked almonds add a beautiful nutty layer of crunch to the sweet.

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▼ The Milky Easter Bunny delights with a delectable mixture of cream and crunch within a green vanilla chocolate coating.

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The bunny inside the doughnut hole is made from milk cream which is deliciously soft and buttery.

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The bunny “ears” are made from a flaky, buttery pie-style biscuit. At the bottom of the hole lies a crumbly cookie.

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The milk and cookie centre has an intense buttery flavour that makes this absolutely delicious. There’s lots of crunch here, which works wonderfully well with the light, creamy bunny, the generous topping of sprinkles, and the chewy doughnut ring.

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The Happy Hunt Easter series will be available from 23 March to 26 April at Krsipy Kreme stores around Japan.

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