Even if you’re not the most organized person, we bet your room has never looked this bad!

Overall Japan is a pretty clean country, but those who have been living here for some time have probably come across at least a few houses that are completely overrun with garbage, known called gomiyashiki. Often these homes belong to hoarders or elderly folk who have trouble sorting their trash and taking it out on appropriate days, but can quickly become a neighborhood problem and eyesore once their trash starts spilling out onto the street.

▼ Hoarding or forward planning?


Although we’re unsure how many months or years it takes to build up enough garbage or junk to reach the condition of the house above, we imagine the problem begins with a single messy room, much like the one below that made headlines in China.

Even though this university student has already been kicked out by two roommates who couldn’t stand the stench and her refusal to tidy up, for some reason she remains unable to tidy up after herself, which has led some to wonder if her behavior might be a symptom of undiagnosed adult ADHD.

Either way, it looks like she needs someone to refer her to whatever the Chinese equivalent of a gomiyashiki cleaning company service is, and fast! Or, if all else fails, maybe Gudetama can help.

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