The guru of de-cluttering your home now wants you to buy products to clutter your home with.

If you have a Netflix account, you’ve probably seen “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, the show that had everyone cleaning out their closets earlier this year. Starring Japanese lifestyle guide and “Queen of Clean” Marie Kondo, who specializes in home de-cluttering and tidying techniques, the show became an overnight sensation, launching her into sudden international fame.

Naturally, with fame comes the opportunity to capitalize on that fame by selling products with your name attached to them. Who wouldn’t want to make more money when you’re famous? Apparently not Marie Kondo, who has opened the U.S.-based “Shop at KonMari” to sell some “tidy-chic” products for use in tidy homes. 

▼ One of the products for sale, “Cement Live Edge Bowl” (US$145)

The products are made by different companies, and are therefore not manufactured or produced by the tidy guru, but rather endorsed by her. They include an array of different products like home decor items, kitchenware, instruments for tidying and organizing, bath essentials, and even aromatherapy and other “natural living” items. Items range in price but tend to be a little bit on the high end, but all seem to fit in to a minimalist lifestyle in appearance, with no-frills, simple designs and earthy colors.

▼ Brass Mirror ($150)

Naturally, someone who makes a living decluterring people’s houses is certainly going to get flak for selling items that will more than likely end up cluttering people’s houses, and the hefty price tags are certainly not helping her cause. While storage containers and green tea tools have their fair share of uses, many wonder why Marie Kondo would be selling unusual items like purification crystals as well as seemingly overpriced “necessities”, which seem more like knick-knacks than actual functional items and are sure to turn into clutter.

Upon hearing about the opening of the shop, many people were surprised at its contents, including Japanese netizens, who thought this was Kondo’s way of “selling out”:

“I couldn’t help myself and I had to take a look at Marie Kondo’s shop. It’s pretty funny since it looks like she’s just having everyone rebuy all of the things she made them throw away hahaha”
“This doesn’t really match the KonMari method…”
“Seems like all of that tidying up was just so she could get you to buy stuff to fill up that empty space.”
“People are free to do business however they want, but this is definitely an ‘of course she did’ moment.”
“This ‘flower bouquet tote’ is really a useless item. It’s the first thing I’d throw away when tidying up.”

▼ Said flower bouquet tote ($42)

On the other hand, some Japanese netizens came to her defense, knowing that the KonMari method is not actually about minimalism.

“Of course she said to throw away the things that don’t spark joy and keep only the things that do, but she never once said that you can’t buy things that spark joy.”
“The KonMari shop isn’t moving away from the KonMari method. It’s not about throwing things away but surrounding yourself with things that spark joy.”

As the last netizen said, the KonMari method is actually about keeping only the things that “spark joy” in your heart when you look at them, and about organizing those things in a tidy and easy-to-manage way. Kondo doesn’t discourage her fans and followers from buying things they like; if they spark joy, then she’s happy for them.

In fact, as if anticipating the criticism, or perhaps in response to it, she even wrote on the shop’s home page, “My tidying method isn’t about getting rid of things – it’s about heightening your sensitivity to what brings you joy. Once you’ve completed your tidying, there is room to welcome meaningful objects, people and experiences into your life.”

▼ Tuning Fork and Rose Quartz Crystal ($75)

In the end, the shop is a collection of items that spark joy for Kondo, which she hopes will cultivate a joyful life for shoppers too. So if aromatherapy, cleansing charcoal, and a $200 tea container is what makes you happy, then don’t be afraid to buy some. If not, then don’t. Whatever sparks joy in your life.

Source: Kai-You, The Shop at KonMari
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