The insane queues for the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus were reported by media outlets around the world, but what fewer of them have picked up on is the aftermath of the hype, and what was left behind once Apple fans had got their mitts on the latest slinky gadgets.

The following photos were taken around an Apple store in Hong Kong the morning after the release of the coveted iPhone 6 on September 19.

Apparently at this store it wasn’t only native Hong Kongers who queued up to be among the first to get their hands on the brand new iPhones, but also Chinese from the mainland, plus people from the Philippines and all over South Asia. When you’ve got people from half the world converging on one spot there’s bound to be some disarray, but this is really something else. It’s like a garbage truck exploded along the street!

Dedicated buyers who queued through the night to get their new gadgets as soon as possible walked away with shiny new phones…and this is what they left behind. 

▼ Shoppers take care to avoid the river of rubbish spread across most of the street.


▼ Caption contest: what should this guy’s Instagram caption be?


▼ I’m almost impressed by the variety of stuff left behind. I wonder if there’s any forgotten iPhones buried in there?


Remember, kids, clean up after yourselves!

Source: Toychan Net