And it has over 124,000 followers!

Marriage can be wonderful when you can find a way to strike a balance between the two of you. But it can be hard to find that balance, as it means you need to choose your battles carefully and come to a compromise when necessary. For example, the fact that your significant other packed the dishwasher wrong is far less important than the fact that they packed the dishwasher at all, so it might not be worth picking a fight over.

But even if you aren’t going to confront them about it, it might still annoy you. So instead of berating your spouse about something small, you can do what one Japanese wife did–take to Instagram to vent your frustrations! Anonymously, of course.

“Unroll them right now! Then put them in the washer.”

The anonymous account is @gomi_sutero, which literally means “Throw away your trash.” It’s filled with pictures of trash, clothes, belongings, and other things that one woman’s husband, and occasionally her daughter, have left around the house. Even the profile picture is of a crumpled tissue that was, presumably, not thrown away after use.

“Don’t take your contacts out here!”

The wife has wisely kept herself anonymous, though she does use the hashtag #Fukuokamama, indicating that she lives in Fukuoka, in southern Japan. Despite the nature of the account, though, she makes sure to state in the account’s profile that she and her husband have a good relationship. Each photo also has funny captions that make it feel much more lighthearted, with further explanation in the descriptions that generally give the sense that she finds his “transgressions” more funny than annoying.

▼ “If it fell, pick it up!” Then, in the description: “Why here? Also, do we not need this part? lol”

She also sometimes posts about practical jokes that he’s played on her, so it seems that his messiness is not something that truly bothers her. She usually only posts once every couple of days, too, so perhaps it’s the occasional mishap that drives her to share her satirical photos on the Internet.

▼ “Don’t show off your aesthetic sense! It’ll rust!” then, “If you have time to do this, you have time to throw away a tissue.”

Either way, though, she still wrote in her profile that she prefers to keep the account secret from him. “Please don’t tell any men near you who are 180 centimeters (5 feet 10 inches) tall about this account!” she says, and “If you know us please keep this account a secret! lol” She also adds, “Honey, if you’ve found this, please forgive me! lol”

▼ “Don’t leave so little in the fridge! Just drink it! It’s summer. Wash it and make more.”

All in all it seems in good fun. Many of us might just want to scream, “For the love of ramen, just ask him to put his stuff away!”, but you never know, she may already have spoken with him, and perhaps he’s working on it. Or maybe he is a busy working dad who experiences a lot of stress in his job, so she doesn’t want to burden him further. This may be a way for her to quietly release her frustration without adding to any existing conflicts.

 ▼ “Were you trying to change the roll? Just throw it away!”

In any case, it’s pretty entertaining for those of us who get to browse the funny photos. The account was actually shared on Twitter by @butagorirasatu1, and it completely blew up! When the tweet was initially published, the Instagram only had 30,000 followers, but now it has over 124,000, so obviously it’s a hit among Japanese netizens.

“I’m glad they have a good relationship!”
“Man even if they were the same gender as me I couldn’t live with them lol”
“This is funny haha”
“I bet when their kids get older, the quality of their trash is gonna be pretty high too.”
“We laughed together about this as a couple. It looks fun!”
“My wife retweeted this…does that mean I’m doing it too?”

Now, if you’re a spouse or long-term partner and your first thought is that last tweet, your worries may be justified as, among Japanese women at least, similar behaviors are considered signs of being a bad husband. But don’t despair! There are lots of ways to tell your spouse you love them, and cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them. Though if it’s something you’re really worried about, putting a little extra attention towards tidying up after yourself probably won’t hurt. After all, a happy spouse makes a happy house!

Source: Instagram/@gomi_sutero via Twitter/@butagorirasatu1
Featured image: Instagram/@gomi_sutero

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