The Japanese are rather enthusiastic when it comes to recycling. In most Japanese cities, domestic waste has to be separated into a minimum of three categories: combustable “raw” garbage, recyclable plastic and recyclable paper. Some areas have their residents splitting their trash into as many as 10 categories.

Even with that said, there’s probably no place in Japan more outreach than Kyoto when it comes to recycling plastic, as they’ve had a little magical help from a handsome new mascotGomi no Yousei (Fairy of the Garbage). Check out the bizarre recycling enthusiast after the break!

It seems like going down anime avenue is a sure-fire way to connect with younger citizens in Japan these days. We’ve seen many animated commercials, and even chewing gum can get personified into cool-looking anime dudes. But topping that list is a mythical being rising from the dumpsters.

Making his debut in Kyoto City’s monthly public information paper, the Kyoto Shimin Shimbun, the Fairy of the Garbage takes on the appearance of a blue-haired young man dressed in a white suit – itself made of plastic and clearly marked with the recycle symbol.

In the illustration printed in the paper, the fairy helper is emerging from a pile of garbage to help a clueless housewife separate her trash correctly. Little wonder so many Kyoto residents felt an urge to snap a photo to share on Twitter.

▼ “It’s said that it’ll be 34℃ tomorrow here in Kyoto, I wonder if Kyoto Shimin Shimbun have lost their minds to the heat.”

▼ “I got home and found that Kyoto Shimin Shimbun has screwed up so badly it needs to be shared… what the… Fairy of the Garbage…”

▼ “From Kyoto Shimin Shimbun. Fairy of the Garbage (LOL)”

▼ “This issue of Kyoto Shimin Shimbun is about reducing garbage but… wtf is this?! Fairy of the Garbage?! And what’s with the Dragon Quest-esque text windows…”

▼ “Kyoto City is lost. What on earth is this Fairy of the Garbage that looks like a host from 30 years ago.”

Apart from the feature in the paper, the Fairy of the Garbage appeared on posters seen on public transport and in stations too.

▼ “Saw this on the subway. Fairy of the Garbage, are they serious? Not to mention that it’s a guy.”

▼ “He’s coming! The Fairy of the Garbage!!! (This poster by Kyoto Shimin Shimbun was displayed at a subway station. Is it going to be hanging in the train too? I wonder if people outside of Kyoto are going to see this.)”

Educating the public about reducing and recycling garbage is of course a crucial step vital for a greener environment, and getting an anime ikemen to do the job might not be a bad idea, but we’re not too sure if people who no longer believe in tooth fairies and Santa Claus will be prepared to listen to a garbage fairy.

And as seen in the tweets above, people don’t seem very impressed with the character setting and naming sense. Well, of course, unless the motive was to give it a silly name hoping that it would go viral, which it did, to a certain extent although not quite in the way they may have hoped…

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: Twitter (@anyuni)