“My packet switches bring all the boys to the yard…”

Routers, for all their importance in keeping the Internet running, aren’t exactly the coolest pieces of hardware out there. You might lust after the new Oculus Rift or a new smartphone, but we doubt most people too much about their routers until the stop working — and we can’t say we blame anyone for that!

But Yamaha, who’s been producing a range of routers for 20 years, has decided that it doesn’t like the status quo. So, in order to spice things up and get people excited about their current lineup, the company has produced a gravure-style calendar showing their hardware with various seasonal backgrounds. And the Internet has responded with nothing but enthusiasm!

▼ “I got this Yamaha calendar, but it’s totally crazy. I want one next year too!”



The calendar apparently was produced following an election for the “best router” they’ve produced over the last 20 years with the general public. Surprisingly, the winner was the RTA50i, which was first released in 1998! (You can see the full list of winners here if you’re interested.)

▼ Got any room on that beach chair for a second?




So, we can understand the “election” to decide the most popular router, but where did the idea to put out a calendar come from?!

It’s all part of Yamaha’s attempts to help people feel “closer” to their products, and there is some precedence — the company released similar photos for one of their routers back in 2008 as well. This time, though, they’ve got a full calendar with alluring shots of their goods laid out bare for all the world to see!

Obviously, a big part of this is just Yamaha having some fun with their products, but the seasonal images are also apparently intended to highlight the fact that the products are produced by a Japanese company. For example, the page for April features fallen cherry blossom petals and a nice cup of sake.

▼ Now you know which router to take with you to hanami in Yoyogi Park!

Well, we doubt anyone will say routers are boring ever again! And now we can only hope Yamaha will turn this into an annual tradition. Maybe next year we’ll get an idol group composed of routers dancing in exotic locales?

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Sources: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@higudon, Twitter/@Nakoramen, Twitter/@nogisawa