We don’t know who cleans up after Babymetal, but we’re pretty sure it’s not Mamametal…

Being a stay-at-home mother is a full-time job — from taking care of your bratty kids to dealing with your lazy husband, it’s often thankless, frustrating work with long hours. And while many of our mothers may not show it, we bet quite a few of them are silently seething on the inside, constantly tempted to smother us in our sleep and force-feed us the food we won’t eat.

Which, when you think about, sounds an awful lot like some of the lyrics produced by death metal bands…

▼ Now you’ll think twice before calling your dear mother “boring.”

The video was actually released in December last year, but we think you’ll agree that it was too awesome not share. As for the content, this series of commercials was produced for Van Houten Cocoa, which we suppose might be a good way to chill after dealing with your horrible children.

So, what are the trials and tribulations infuriating Mama?



In the first version, we see our hard-working mother preparing a bento lunch for her son. But instead of showing gratitude, the kid just yells at her for not waking him up, despite the fact that she did — and the ingrate just went back to sleep, or nidone (二度寝) as Mama screams in the video. Maybe he should just be glad his mother has hasn’t kicked him out of the house yet…

▼ The sign for “answer the phone yourself or I’ll wear your guts like a scarf”


The second version of the video shows just how unhelpful Mama’s husband is: Even though she’s hard at work in the kitchen, when the phone rings, he just says, “Phone!” As the band launches into their song, we see some of the other annoying habits of the husband — such as pointing out that the washing machine has finished its cycle or that a pot is boiling over—without doing a damn thing about it himself!

▼ “What a waste!”


Finally, we see Mama has waited for her darling daughter to come home to offer the child some food after a long day of studying. But what does the youngster do? She heads directly to her room without so much as a “thank-you,” only saying that she’s already eaten. Yeah, we’d be pissed off too.

Of course, each commercial ends with a shot of the mother drinking a hot cup of cocoa to relax…but we think we’d prefer the metal to the drink. Mama has some pretty great vocals! In fact, they’re so good, we started to wonder if this wasn’t an actual band, and it turns out the band that appears in the commercial is Barbariancherry from Osaka. We figured you’d like to give them a listen, so here are two of their videos.

▼ “My Revenge”

▼ “L.O.V.E.”

Well, their regular sound is a bit different from the commercial, but we still enjoyed the music! And now we’d just like to see a tour featuring Babymetal and Mamametal.

If you’re looking for more Japanese metal, we can’t recommend the grindcore band Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation enough!

Sources/images: YouTube/oriconofficial