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There’s so much more to China’s southern city than skyscrapers…

I have yet to meet a single person who came back from a trip to Hong Kong talking about its surrounding countryside. All I ever seem to hear from friends and coworkers who have visited the city is about its shopping, food, and nightlife—understandable, perhaps, given that all are, by all accounts, absolutely first-rate.

But just outside this densely populated harbour city is a landscape just begging to be enjoyed and explored. And now, thanks to a team of dedicated lensperts calling themselves Wandering Photography, we’re betting a lot more people will be doing just that.

By capturing this lesser-known side of Hong Kong, Global Voices reports, Wandering Photography hopes to inspire the city’s millions of residents to realise and come to appreciate what is on their doorstep. After seeing this footage of clouds rushing and swirling over a handful of already breathtaking locations, we can’t imagine any way they could not.

Source: YouTube/流浪攝, Global Voices