It’s time for the “All-Japan Eyeliner Hiding Championship” on Twitter!

There is a lot of truth behind the old saying, “The grass is greener on the other side.” In Japan, people often compliment my “desirable” western features — big eyes, small face, and tall nose — but I often get reactions of surprise when I tell people that, in the west, there are many who find Asian features to be beautiful.

Still, many Japanese people are unhappy with over their own features, particularly their eyes and eyelids. You will find a number of tapes, glues, and contraptions in stores that claim to enhance your eyes by giving you a much-coveted two-fold eyelid.

▼ “It doesn’t matter how much you put on, you won’t be able to see it.”


With the recent hashtag #全日本アイライン隠れる選手権 (Zennippon airain kakureru senshuken), literally “All-Japan Eyeliner Hiding Championship”, girls (and guys) across Japan are letting loose their frustrations with their eyes and eye makeup.

https://twitter.com/pripara_honata/status/723455181745082369 https://twitter.com/mitari_3/status/723486258895290372 https://twitter.com/avenger1722/status/722981602788147200


▼ Some started getting creative and drawing pictures

https://twitter.com/queloquehayo/status/723146783178682368 https://twitter.com/icandoit_asumi/status/722417713474211841

To help those feeling down about their perpetually-hidden eyeliner, one Twitter user offered this eye shadow tutorial:

・You definitely want your eye shadow to be matt
・Use a brush for shading, not a tip
・Be sure to shadow your lower eyelid too
・Don’t use eyeliner

Or, you can always go all-out like these J-rockers:

Do you think you’re a contender for the competition? If so, you can take part with the hashtag #全日本アイライン隠れる選手権. Or, you can give these girls some encouragement and let them know they’re beautiful no matter how much of their eyeliner is visible!

Source: Twitter/ #全日本アイライン隠れる選手権, Togech
Top image: Twitter/ @belegroth edited by RocketNews24