Red Cabs

Take a look at this picture. At first glance, it looks like a miniature diorama of a city street, with little cars, little street lights, little people… But it’s all so beautifully detailed, it can’t be just a replica right? What sorcery is this?!

Join us after the jump to see more of this amazing photography magic and cute miniature cityscapes by French artist Harold de Puymorin.

Harold, an artist originally from Toulouse, France, was drawn to the rich colors, shapes, and visuals that Asia has to offer, and is now living in Hong Kong.

The Crowd


In his series titled Puppeteer, he plays with focus in order to achieve the tilt-shift effect, giving his photos the effect of a miniaturized city, and capturing the strong contours and bright colors of the urban jungle in which he lives.



While we’re sure Mr. de Puymorin would have plenty to photograph back in his native France, looking at these photos here it’s easy to see what drew him to Hong Kong in the first place.





▼Feels as if we’re actually looking at a miniature replica instead of the real thing!



▼Much eye-candy. So beauty. Wow.


Harold has a lot more fantastic photography at his official website, we really recommend checking it out!

Official Website: HDP – Arts

Source: CuRAZY
Images: HDP – Arts © Harold de Puymorin