If you ever wondered what unicorns eat, now you have your answer.

Rainbow colors can be pretty polarizing when it comes to food. Rainbow-colored eight-scoop ice cream? Yes please. Rainbow colored neon udon? Um, no thanks.

But what about rainbow-colored grilled cheese? Kala Toast, a shop in Hong Kong, is determined to find the answer. They’ve started serving up grilled cheese sandwiches with melted rainbow-colored cheese in the middle, to satisfy the magical stardust-loving unicorn in all of us.

Are these multicolored monstrosities nom or vom? Here are some pictures to help you make your decision:

▼ Mmm… warm, gooey, delicious rainbow….

▼ The sandwich may look like it chose “vom,” but that doesn’t mean you have to!

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▼ And isn’t just food coloring added to cheese — natural flavoring, including basil (green), lavender (purple), and tomato (red), are used!

▼ Now’s your chance to finally find out what a buttery, crispy rainbow tastes like.


▼ The king size sandwich with a double helping of rainbow cheese,
for when you need some extra magic in your stomach.

Do you like what you’ve seen? Then be sure to check out Kala Toast’s Instagram and homepage for more Kala-ful pictures. There are photos of other awesome items they have available too, including one that looks like a s’mores sandwich with bananas.

▼ You know, I think I need to plan a trip to Hong Kong sometime soon….

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Choco Banana Snowman (燒"蕉"雪人)

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