In dire times, it turns out you can depend on the kindness of strangers.

People are still recovering from the aftermath of the two Kumamoto earthquakes. Power has been restored to the region, but water and gas are still not working in some locations. Almost 90,000 evacuees are unsure about the stability of their houses and are waiting for officials to come to inspect their homes. Many people are offering words of support, and some are doing little things to assist in however they can — as demonstrated by this touching tweet.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user in Kumamoto posted the story and photos of a surprisingly full delivery, which included motorcycle parts from a Yahoo! Auction he won.

“A day before the [Kumamoto] earthquake I won a bid on Yahoo! Auctions, but because I didn’t pay right away, the shipment was delayed.

Today, I received the auction item and on the label it said ‘bike parts and snacks’. I was a little confused, but found the package was crammed with bread and other goodies. No other words but my gratitude came to mind.”

There are plenty of ways to assist those who were affected by the natural disasters, and this is a perfect example of how even the smallest gestures are really appreciated. Hats off to the seller.

Source & Top Image: Twitter/@uru0015