pui pui 1

His cute and extravagant lifestyle is way more glamorous than ours.

Following a celebrity on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can offer us a glimpse at a life that is cooler than our own, while making us feel included, as if we were living it up beside them. Do those feelings still hold true when the object of envy is a super cute bunny? Well, now you can find out below!

This adorable Holland Lop named PuiPui is living lavishly and sharing all these delightful photos on the Instagram thanks to @mumitan.


Recently mumitan and PuiPui have been taking advantage of the colorful pink sakura petals to both pose for pictures and take some themselves!





All of the costumes are made by mumitan, but it’s not just the clothes that make the model — having an adorable, fuzzy face certainly helps too!

We can’t get enough of this lovable bunny or all its amazing costumes! Make sure you follow mumitan on Instagram as we all aspire to make our pets look as fabulous as PuiPui.

Source and Images: Instagram/@mumitan (1, 2)