People around the country are falling in love with the exciting new release.

While Japan has a strong affinity for the Starbucks Frappuccino in all its flavours, there’s another item on the coffeehouse’s menu that now has customers swooning: the Matcha Purin, or Matcha Pudding.

The new release is the latest addition to the hugely popular pudding series that arrived on Japanese shores last year, and when Starbucks revealed the new product on their social media accounts, many thought it was too good to be true, speculating that it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

As customers arrived in stores on 1 April, it became clear that everyone’s dreams really had come true, as the matcha pudding was not only real, it was incredibly good-looking too.

The new pudding comes in a cute little tub decorated with one of three different designs. If you scroll through the photos below, you’ll see each tub has a different English expression printed on the back: “Each day is a gift”; “It’s time to start!”; and “Make someone’s day”.

▼ Matcha-loving customers made multiple purchases of the treat immediately.

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4/2 #スタバ抹茶プリン 今朝、姪っ子が近くのスタバで、有るだけ買い占めて来てくれました😍 美味しかった〜〜👍👍 で、容器は持って帰るよ❗️って #何を入れるの #気持ちはわかる 😅 * 2、3枚目は、昨日の #桜シフォンケーキ #穴は有るけど 💦 #キメはしっかり もっちり食感が、撮れてるかな⁉️ 餡子が入ると、独特の美味しさ😍 つぎは、普通の餡子を入れてみよう〜〜👌 * #スタバ #スタバプリン #抹茶 #抹茶プリン #スターバックス #starbucks #期間限定 #抹茶好き #桜あんシフォンケーキ #桜シフォンケーキ #食感 #美味しい

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▼ After all, you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in a treat when it’s this tiny!

Inside, the pudding has a dense matcha flavour, largely due to the rich sauce that lies at the bottom of the dessert, which this curious customer proudly displayed à la restaurant style.

The texture is delightfully smooth and creamy, with the bittersweet flavour of powdered green tea in every mouthful.

For this customer, a dollop of extra cream added to the matcha treat makes it even more delicious!

With hundreds of social media posts raving about the flavoursome new dessert, it’s clear that Japanese customers have fallen hard for the soft pudding.

Whether you’re out viewing the sakura cherry blossoms or sightseeing in Japan’s historic districts, it’s time to start enjoying the new Japan-exclusive flavour.

The Matcha Pudding retails for 320 yen (US$2.87) plus tax and will be available for a limited, yet unspecified time, so be sure to pop by Starbucks soon for a taste of the dessert before it disappears from the menu!

Source: Instagram/starbucks_j
Featured image: Instagram/starbucks_j

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