Here’s another beauty product that appeals to your playful side!

Japanese cosmetics brand Kanebo Evita is releasing a new facial cleanser called “Beauty Whip Soap” which dispenses foam in the shape of a delicate rose. Sounds like something positively out of a shoujo manga series, right?

The idea for the product was hatched when a Kanebo employee mused that an artistic 3-D facial cleanser could be appealing. Fast forward to the present, and watch the following commercial anticipating its major release on September 1:

▼ The dispenser is quite easy to use–simply push down on the buttons on both sides of the container…


▼ …and watch as a foam rose blooms before your eyes.


▼ Swipe it off the tube and take a moment to admire its elegance in your palm before ceremoniously smooshing it against your face.


▼ Don’t forget to let your friends marvel at your newly washed, rose-scented skin!


Instagram user @santsugaru posted the following preview clip of the soap in all of its blooming glory, after which the internet went absolutely nuts:

We sense that this “Beauty Whip Soap” will be a major hit with the ladies — and the men! What better way to prove your manliness than with a rose-themed cleansing routine every now and then? If sales go well, perhaps we’ll even see foam-dispensing cherry blossoms, fruits, or even Pikachu in the not too distant future!

Source: Kai-You
Top image: Kanebo Cosmetics
Images: YouTube/kanebocosJP