All Marus are adorable, but Pigtailed Maru is especially memorable. 

The Scottish Fold known as Maru, Japan’s and, arguably, the world’s most famous “celebricat,” recently decided to experiment with his looks by changing his hairstyle.

Maru, who’s well-known for trying to squeeze himself inside all manner of bags, boxes, and other items that happen to be lying about, found himself with a new ‘do after his latest adventure, sticking his nose into a small paper bag. Watch his complete transformation below:

▼ No, it wasn’t a setup at all…

▼ You can almost hear Maru’s feline friend Hana thinking, “Here we go again…” as she passes by.


▼ The model makes his grand entrance.


▼ Has anyone told you that you have an uncanny resemblance to Anne of Green Gables, Mr. Maru?


▼ Ready for his closeup


▼ All that modeling makes a celebricat hungry.


▼ “Okay, I’ve had enough of this.”


▼ Hana is totally judging Maru from afar.


What silly hairstyle will you try next, Maru? And more importantly, will you ever stop being a nosy little kitty? For the sake of the internet, we certainly hope not!

Source/Images: YouTube/@mugumogu