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His hilarious decision at the end of the clip has people laughing around the world.

If there’s one Japanese celebricat who never fails to put a smile on our face, it’s Maru. Whether he’s checking out the monkeys, lazing about on the couch, or pushing his head into bags and notepads, his adorable poses and deadpan expressions have been delighting fans from around the world. But there’s one thing that Maru loves above all else: squeezing his body into snug boxes. So what happens when there are two identical little boxes to choose from? Take a look at the hilariously cute clip below to find out!

Maru’s decision-making system is adorable to watch in action. First, one must never pick a favourite box without getting a feel for the cardboard containment. If it barely holds one’s large body, then it’s a purr-fect fit for Maru.

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▼ But what about the other box? Hmmm, it’s impossible to fit into also. It’s going to be tough to make a choice here.

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▼ Putting half of one’s body in each container doesn’t seem to help the situation…

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▼ And back-to-front feels equally as delightful as the other direction…

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After more than three minutes of high-speed tail-flicking and back-and-forth between the two boxes, Maru decides to settle on placing his forefeet inside the box on the left. Whether his decision to sit on the floor is a result of finally realising that he can’t sit in both boxes at once, or whether it’s a ploy to easily pounce on the other box in case it comes to life and tries to scurry away, we may never know. Still, the bizarre conclusion to Maru’s quandary has delighted fans of the funny cat, with the video already receiving more than 76,000 views.

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With Maru’s love of containers knowing no boundaries, we’re sure this won’t be the last of his adorable box-related encounters. To see what he gets up to next, be sure to check out his Instagram account and YouTube channel for all the cute updates!

Source, Images: YouTube/mugumogu
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