magic 6

Let magician Zach Mueller show you some credit card wizardry in this new commercial.

Even though Japan remains a mostly cash-based society, more and more places now accept credit and debit cards.

But just like with any other “new” technology, both businesses and consumers in Japan can be a little slow on the uptake. It’ll take some big-name companies pushing their credit cards on people in order to make plastic the go-to method of payment for Japan.

Japan Airlines, or JAL, has recently launched a new credit card, and to show just how “magical” the experience of paying by anything other than cash can be, the company has hired a master sleight-of-hand magician to demonstrate.

Watch closely, now!

Those are certainly some mystifying moves! Even the people who are supposed to charge the card can’t even believe it.

magic 1

magic 2

Not to be outdone, the end of the commercial finishes with a performance by a waiter/magician who turns the credit card into a JAL plane ticket, since, like all the good credit cards these days, there are plenty of perks and rewards that go along with JAL’s card.

magic 3

magic 4

If only this credit card could teach us how to manipulate cards like Zach Mueller does!

Source & screenshots: YouTube/Fontaine Cards