After hearing that traditional Japanese sweets now come in the shape of lovable robot cat Doraemon, our food-loving writer Meg just had to give them a try!

Just last week, we introduced you to a new range of adorable Doraemon-shaped Japanese sweets that recently went on sale at Aeon supermarkets across Japan. Combining traditional Japanese flavors with the cuteness of Doreamon seemed like a winning idea to us, and our Japanese writer Meg—who, like most Japanese, grew up watching and reading about the famous blue-and-white cat’s antics—wasted no time heading to the store and selecting the “Mini-Dora” version of the (almost) too-cute-to-eat sweets.

They were just as cute as we were expecting.



Nearly identical to the famous cat himself, Mini Doraemon are special gadgets who act as Doraemon’s helpers in the series. And, just like Doraemon, Mini-Dora wears a collar with a little bell, and has a “4-D pocket” on his tummy.


▼ And a tiny round tail on his sweet little tush.


Cute though he might be, however, this Mini-Dora was made to be eaten…

▼ No, Meg, nooooo!


This type of Japanese sweet is made from kneaded mochi rice flour and sweet bean paste. Meg says that the head and body in particular were soft and delicate, while the face had a more chewy texture to it. Inside Doraemon’s head, meanwhile, was a rich milk-flavored bean paste.

▼ This sweet little treat can be yours for only 280 yen (US$2.50)! Of course we mean Doraemon, not Meg.

Meg advises those of you wanting to get your hands on one of these Doraemon sweets to call ahead and make sure the store has begun selling them. While many Aeon, Daiei, and Max Valu stores around the country have stocked it since April 30, some won’t carry it until May 5, so we’d hate for you to be disappointed!

Mini-Dora wagashi has gotten Meg’s approval, and we’re sure it will get yours too!

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