You can now wear the birthplace of Japanese tentacle porn on your feet with Shunga Sneakers

Famous woodblock print from master painter Hokusai adapted to sneakers that leave the naughty bits to your vivid imagination.

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Japanese freehand tattoo artist’s work ranges from bloody & erotic to delicate & beautiful

Talented freehand tattoo artist combines the unconventional with the traditional.

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If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the course of human history, it’s humans. Sure, we like to pretend that we’re above nature and instincts by carrying around fancy phones and sending people into space, but when it really comes down to it, we’re all still mostly interested in the same exact same thing that humans thousands of years ago were interested in.

If you need further proof, then check out the upcoming Shunga Exhibit in Tokyo of erotic Edo Period woodblock prints. The pictures on display there aren’t too far off from what the Japanese adult media world produces today. Just be sure your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder while you get your Japanese history lesson, because these pictures are not safe for work!

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The above image, would you believe, is titled “Glorious view of Mt. Fuji.”

The image of sex in the Edo Period is that is was more uninhibited than it is today and that there was a whole lot more of it. This idea is based in part on the erotic woodblock prints, known as shunga, by artists of the period such as Kitagawa Utamaro and Katsushika Hokusai.

But one thing many people have noticed about shunga is the treatment of women’s breasts. In contrast with the minute detail lavished on the engravings of genitals and pubic hair for both men and women, breasts are often given little attention. The nipples are not colored and sometimes not even drawn in. What gives? Were men back then just not interested in waps? Read More