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Oh yes. This one feels much more real to life.

Do you remember when the picture-perfect Instagram couple blew up online with their “Follow Me To” photo series?

The beautiful yet mysterious woman leading the unseen man to exotic and almost surreal-looking places – it’s either deeply romantic or deeply-vomit-inducing depending on who you ask.

▼ Ugh, just look at their perfect… everything!

But now one Taiwanese couple has parodied the “Follow Me To” series in the best way possible: by uploading their own “Drag Husband To” set of pictures.

▼ “Uh, dear, it’s ‘hold my hand’ not ‘hold my head’ ow ow oww!”

The couple, Agnes Chien and Forrest Lu, were on their honeymoon trip to Hawaii when inspiration hit on how they could take some unique pictures to share. Or, at least, that’s what they’re saying now – we have a feeling that Forrest may have been throwing a bit of a tantrum and Agnes had to lay down the law.

▼ “But I don’t wanna see the surfboards!’
“You come with me right this instant, young man!”

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▼ “But I don’t wanna go to another banana restaurant!”
“You will get your potassium even if I have to shove bananas in you ear!”

▼ “Okay! Okay! Just don’t drag me all the way up the mountains!”

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▼ “Bud I don’d wand do… are you uthing new nail polith?”

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In all honesty, the pictures may make it seem like the wife is mean or bossy, but the fact that she was willing to go along with these pictures on their honeymoon shows that, in reality, that probably couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ah, true love. If only we were all so lucky. For the rest of us though, there are Shiba Inu sun shades to put up in our car.

Source: Facebook/爆料公社 via CuRazy, CNN
Images: Facebook/爆料公社