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If you were looking for a way to brighten up the walk back to your car after work, you’ve found it.

We’ve seen dog merchandise for you to wear and dog merchandise for your dog to wear, so that leaves us with only one possibility left: dog merchandise for your car to wear.

And now YOU+MORE! – the same people that brought us the adorable seal cushion – have delivered on that possibility with a new product: Shiba Inu car sun shades.

▼ “Hello, fellow human! We are good at car too!
Beep beep bark bark!

shiba car (7)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the bliss of coming back to a car that has happy dogs inside waiting for you, but you’re not ready to commit to the whole “buying a dog thing” yet, then these sun shades may be just what you’re looking for. Especially since keeping a real, live dog in your car is the very opposite of a good idea!

▼ A closeup of the mischievous sun shade pups.

shiba car (8)

▼ The shade is easy to put up and remove with suction cups…

shiba car (2)

▼ …and can even be folded up so you can bring it home
and put it on your windows there too.

shiba car (3)

But why stop with just covering the front of your car in adorable puppies? YOU+MORE! has you covered with window shades too.

▼ I think my heart just skipped a beat out of sheer cuteness overload.

shiba car (5)

▼ The shades come in four different breeds: super-cute Shiba…

shiba car (6)

▼ …silly Shiba…

shiba car (9)

▼ …adorably confused Boston Terrier…

shiba car (10)

▼ …and “heart of gold” Golden Retriever.

shiba car (11)

▼ You can even fold the shades up and put them in your pocket,
so the puppies can be with you all day long.

shiba car (4)

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone…

shiba car (1)

If you’re ready to have the best dog-gone car on the block, then head on over to YOU+MORE!’s FELISSISMO store. The windshield shade is available for 2,592 yen (US$24) via the Japanese webstore or US$23.76 on their international webshop, and the window shades are available as a set of four on the Japanese webstore for 3,510 yen or $32.18 on the international webstore.

And you can rest assured that no matter which you pick, they’re both better than the alternative of letting your dog drive the vehicle.

Source: YOU+MORE! Blog via FELISSIMO (1, 2)