This one is sure to please all of the historical sword buffs out there.

If you’re a sword lover, especially of the elegant, delicately curved nihonto (literally: “Japanese sword”), then this one’s for you.

A new 60-minute film titled Japanese Swords ~The World of Swords~ (日本刀 ~刀剣の世界~) is now playing at Tokyo’s TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi Theater and Osaka’s Toho Cinemas Umeda Theater, with upcoming screenings in Sapporo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Itami (Hyogo Prefecture), and Fukuoka in either June or July. Furthermore, through a successful crowdfunding effort, the film has also raised enough money to pay for the cost of screenings at international film festivals (specific details forthcoming).

The film provides a brief history of 25 historical Japanese swords, sharing the legends behind the most famous ones and their wielders throughout the ages. In addition, it also introduces the sword-forging techniques passed down by respected swordsmiths over the generations by putting viewers center stage into the process itself.

Two 30-second promotional videos have been released for the film. The first one focuses on the historical swords themselves:

Two of the famous swords briefly introduced in the clip:

▼ “Himezuru Ichimonji” (Important Cultural Property of Japan)


▼ “Mikazuki Munechika” (National Treasure of Japan)


The second clip briefly showcases some stages in the swordmaking process:



On a side note, the film is narrated by voice actor Kosuke Toriumi, whose voice you might recognize from his roles in hit anime such as Naruto‘s Kiba Inuzuka or Yowamushi Pedal‘s Shunsuke Imaizumi.

More information on Japanese Swords ~The World of Swords~ can be found at the film’s official site (Japanese only–so far). And hey, if historical swords aren’t exactly your thing but hot guys are, then Japan’s got you covered, too.

Source: Japaaan Magazine
Images: YouTube PresidioMovie (1, 2)