Finally, a dating sim for people who are attracted only to inanimate objects!

The “meganekko,” or glasses-wearing-girl is a common trope in Japanese video games and anime. There’s something about a pair of specs that gives a character that slightly serious yet vulnerable appeal.  It also tends to show humility, since she’s rockin’ specs instead of opting for invisible contact lenses.

But a new mobile dating sim has taken things in a slightly odd direction by removing the girl from the glasses and discarding her altogether. The point of this game is to romance a disembodied pair of specs!

▼ Ore kun: “My gaze was irrevocably drawn to the girls…”

At the beginning of the game, which is officially titled Miracle Specs: Romance Simulation Game, the main character, Ore-kun (that’s you) must choose a likely girlfriend from a choice of four pairs of eyewear. The “girls” are described with personalities as follows:

Koharu (red frames)
A quiet girl who loves reading books. In the future, she wants to illustrate picture books. She’s not very good at talking to boys.

Reika (yellow frames)
A slightly spoiled princess. She nonetheless has a fascination with “common folk.” She can run hot and cold.

Nanako (purple frames)
A little-sister type who loves cute things. Nevertheless, she likes to take the lead. She’s very affectionate.

Mayu (black frames)
She can get a little obsessive when she likes a guy, but sometimes that’s cute, right?

▼ Ore kun: “Now, let’s head home…to our place, of course!”

However, given that the game has quite low download numbers, we’re guessing that the appeal of this game is going over some people’s heads. “What the hell is fun about this?!” bellowed one online commenter.  Perhaps this is a sign that Japan’s mobile gaming market is starting to collapse under the weight of its own bloat.

If you’re interested in getting to know a pair of glasses on an intimate level, you can download the game from the Google Play Store here.

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Google Play Store