The village joins a line of beautifully detailed paper art kits that allow you to put together scenes and settings from your favorite Ghibli films!

Already 15 years since its release, Spirited Away remains a favorite among fans of famous director Hayao Miyazaki’s films. The plot itself is full of fun, mystery, and adventure, but it’s the artwork that really takes the cake. Everything from the bathhouse where the story’s heroine Chihiro ends up working to the mysterious town she and her parents find themselves at the beginning of the movie is a gorgeous mix of realism and fantasy.

Now, from the same company that brought us the best rainy day boredom buster ever in the form of an assemble-yourself papercraft Cat Bus, comes part of that mysterious town in its own miniature art kit. It’s all yours to put together from start to finish!



The pieces are laser-cut on thick paper board, and only require adhesive for assembly. All of the details are already included, so even the less artistic among us can enjoy creating a beautiful masterpiece.



The kit includes the food stall where Chihiro’s parents literally made pigs out of themselves, digging into the food that had been left out unattended.




Here, you can see just how much detail is included in these kits. Just look at those little tiny individual stools, and even the plates of food!


This set is actually the fourth in the “Mysterious Town” (Fushigi no Machi) series which, when all together, create a lovely little scene straight from the movie.


This particular set is available now on Amazon Japan for 4,800 yen (US$45) plus tax and shipping, and, good news, they will ship this item overseas. But with only a few left in stock you better place your order now!

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Source: Studio Ghibli Unofficial Fansite
Images: Amazon Japan (Edited by RocketNews24)