New Miniature Art range also includes individual kits for the museum’s Cat Bus, Robot Soldier and Totoro in the ticket window.

Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum is a shining display of the worldview of Studio Ghibli and its acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki, whose son Goro helped to design and build it at the turn of the century.

It’s one of the most magical places in the city, with design features that make visitors swoon, and now you can reconstruct it in miniature form, thanks to a new paper-craft kit being sold by the museum.

The Ghibli Museum Miniature Art Paper Craft Kit brings the entire scene to life in 1:250 scale, faithfully reproducing some of the site’s most iconic features, such as the curved walkway around the building and the Straw Hat Cafe, complete with the two trees that grow through the structure.

▼ The flags and outdoor seating are also included in the kit.

All parts are laser cut on colourful pieces of cardboard, making it lightweight and easy to fit into your suitcase.

The kit even includes a beautiful stand on which to construct the site, so that when it’s complete you can easily view it from a variety of angles.

If all the pieces in the above kit feel a bit daunting, then there are three less complex but equally adorable miniature kits available, which the museum recommends for first-timers to the craft.

These kits replicate three of the most popular sites at the museum:

▼ The “Robot Soldier on the Rooftop“…

▼ …”Totoro’s Faux Reception

▼…and the “Catbus Room“.

Each kit has everything you need to make them look exactly as they do in the photos.

The attention to detail is absolutely stunning, with fake greenery included to really bring the familiar scenes to life in your home.

▼ All the same details as the museum, only in miniature form.

The palm-sized Miniature Art kits are priced at 2,860 yen (US$19.02) each, which is a good price for such a unique souvenir.

If you have more money to spare, you’ll want to splurge on the Ghibli Museum Miniature Art Kit, which comes with its own Totoro and Robot Soldier, for 22,000 yen.

▼ “ジブリ美術館を作ろう” (“Ghibli Bijutsukan wo Tsukurou”/”Let’s Make the Ghibli Museum”)

The Ghibli Museum kit is currently being sold via pre-order here, with postage scheduled for mid-April, while the Robot Soldier Kit can currently be purchased here, Totoro here, and the Catbus here.

The miniature range is an adorable way to own a tiny piece of the museum, and they’ve even shrunk their wooden signboards down to miniature form for their magnet range too!

Source: Ghibli Museum online shop
Top image: Ghibli Museum online shop
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