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Stroking, gasping, and long, hard cylindrical objects, all for the sake of Mother Earth.

In these enlightened times, most of us know that we should be doing more to be eco-friendly. But man is a primal beast, and so he often loses sight of such noble goals when he gets distracted by, for example, naked women fornicating for his entertainment.

Clearly, the most elegant solution is to, in some capacity, combine pornography with a reminder to be kind to the planet, which is just what Japanese adult video company Soft On Demand is doing.

In Japanese, adult videos are often called “ero videos,” so Soft On Demand decided to switch just one letter and release a series of “uncensored eco videos” (none of which feature nudity), in which some of the label’s most popular actresses suggestively suggest ways to waste fewer resources. For example, Masami Ichikawa stars in Before You Leave, Take It Out Gently

…in which she demonstrates how to unplug your electronics and eliminate the standby power drain that occurs even when they’re not in use.

▼ We never knew unplugging our Blu-ray player could be so enjoyable.

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Meanwhile, Mana Sakura has an important lesson with a double-entendre-filled title that can be translated as either Intercourse: An Amazing Technique That’ll Cause Orgasm Over and Over

…or Growing Sprouts: An Amazing Technique That’ll Let You Enjoy Vegetables Over and Over. The video claims that if you take the root tips of vegetables that’re generally thrown away, such as mizuna (potherb mustard) or komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) greens, stick them in a jar with water, and leave them in a sunny place, they’ll grow into another batch of edible stems and leaves, at which point you can repeat the process.

▼ Stroking the greens, rubbing them on your face, and moaning as you slice off the roots are optional.

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Moving from foods to beverages, Misa Suzumi tells us Don’t Forget to Keep That Hard, Thick Thing Around

…which is, obviously, a reference to a reusable water bottle, something that Suzumi tells us she “just can’t live without.”

▼ If you’re really thirsty, size actually does matter.

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And just to keep from overdosing on puns, Soft on Demand decided to go the alternate route with Marina Shiraishi’s After You’ve Paid in the Money, Cram It in the Bag

…since the corrupted Japanese pronunciation of “bag,” baggu, is almost the same as bakku, the Japanese slang for “doggy style.”

▼ Reusable canvas shopping bags make the Earth and Shiraishi ecstatic.

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Soft on Demand’s Eco Video series is currently ongoing, and we’re curious to see if and when it’ll address the issue of how to reduce tissue consumption.

Source: IT Media
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