quasi drug 2

They apparently had time for a little side gig before the release of their big movie later this month.

Big-name horror baddies, Sadako and Kayako, are making their promotional rounds for their upcoming movie. After a bit of baseball, the girls are back to help out with a public service announcement.

On June 3, public relations for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department released a poster via their Twitter account warning people about quasi-legal drugs, using the scary figures of Sadako and Kayako.

quasi drug 1

The poster says that, “the shadow of quasi-legal drugs creeps towards you” and, “once you fall, you can’t get up.” Dark and ominous words fitting of dark and ominous girls. And let’s be real, no one wants to take a trip down Sadako’s well.

These quasi-legal drugs are still causing quite a problem for youth in the Tokyo area. While not yet established as illegal under Japanese law, these psychoactive substances (generally dried vegetation laced with chemicals) are being targeted in Tokyo Police’s latest poster campaign. If Sadako and Kayako can’t convince you of the terrors of quasi-legal drugs, perhaps an endless loop of the Hollywood remakes of The Ring and The Grudge will scare you straight!

Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@MPD_koho